Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The End For Now

The End For Now

Dear all readers, this will be the last post that I update you all with for a while, due to personal lack of money I've withdrew all funds from my pokerstars account in order to pay for my CBT training so I can travel to and from work and also if I lose my job at Amazon it will be better for me to find work once I have a form of transport so over all it is a +EV move but its one that means I won't be playing poker for a while.

And today went kind of bad, I played 4,705 hands and lost $16 it was a very swingy day and I just couldn't seem to win anything back, but nothing was going my way, every time I had a hand I got no action and when I got to showdown I didn't have the best hand so it kind of pissed me off.

But for now it's the end.

Hope to be back soon, all the best and wish to be back soon.

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