Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The End For Now

The End For Now

Dear all readers, this will be the last post that I update you all with for a while, due to personal lack of money I've withdrew all funds from my pokerstars account in order to pay for my CBT training so I can travel to and from work and also if I lose my job at Amazon it will be better for me to find work once I have a form of transport so over all it is a +EV move but its one that means I won't be playing poker for a while.

And today went kind of bad, I played 4,705 hands and lost $16 it was a very swingy day and I just couldn't seem to win anything back, but nothing was going my way, every time I had a hand I got no action and when I got to showdown I didn't have the best hand so it kind of pissed me off.

But for now it's the end.

Hope to be back soon, all the best and wish to be back soon.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Another Volume-less Day

Another Volume-Less Day


(985 Hands $4.13 Profit)

Didn't really play much again yesterday, due to the fact of not getting up till late, then went shopping with the missus and then ended up in Blackpool for the evening with a friend of mine, but it was good and memories are better than money I suppose.

Poker-wise today went quite well had a shot at 5nl zoom and it went better than last time I was pretty much break even after I made a few $ at 2nl hopefully will stay at 5nl for a bit now so less volume won't hurt me too much, still I haven't decided if I will take any money off line yet or how much I will take off, don't really want to kill the bankroll just after building back up.

Today the 1st of October I will hopefully put in some decent volume and make the goals for the month not sure what they will be yet as I don't have time to put in like 80K hands or so a month any more so I will try my best too make achievable goals.

So an overview of the month of September.

My goals were,

80,000 Hands
$125 in Bankroll
To start and recruit for MicroClimbing Skype group

I failed the $125 target, by $25 but the Skype group is up and running with around 20 members most of which are quite active so that turned out to be quite good, and the 80,000 hands goal failed aswell I managed to get 76,278 hands played in September.

Well here is my graph for yesterday, followed by the month of Septembers graph


Downswing Hard!

Mind Over Volume

Mind Over Volume


(660 Hands $2.85)

Well after the weekend I had poker wasn't on my list of things to do, it was a hectic week at work and to finish it off went straight out after work on Saturday and ended up getting too drunk and passing out but sometimes the time to wind down is helpful. Well last night I wasn't feeling too good in myself so logged on to pokerstars and after about 500 Hands I knew I wasn't feeling playing and wasn't playing my best game so after 660 hands I logged off and that was the end of the session. 

I may have to withdraw some of my bankroll to pay some bills which is never good, so these 3 days need to be some good winning sessions but if it doesn't happen then I'll just take the money I need too off and grind the rest up, well that's the plan anyways.

I'll be posting another post about todays session later so enjoy.

Smallest Session Ever!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Weekly Grind Over

Weekly Grind Over


(5,006 Hands $7.54 Profit)

Today will be the last day I am able to play with volume for the next week as I am back at work tomorrow through to Saturday so I am glad that I finished the 3 days with a lot of volume behind me and almost broke even on the tables over 3 days, which isn't the best but at least I didn't lose too much, and with the help of a $10 VIP Bonus and winning and unregistering for a Sunday storm seat and selling that for $10.67 which means my bankroll grew by just shy of $20. Which by all means isn't the best but I can't moan as it puts me nearly at a bankroll too take a 2nd stab at NL5 games, which I hope will be better than last time.

So today was a pretty standard day, built some nice profit to begin the day, then lost it and broke even for 3,000 hands then towards the end I won a few big pots and finished the session to clock in a winning one, which helps out the confidence when in a downswing.

I aim to be able to take a shot at 5NL by the start of next month but it all depends on if I put in any volume at all during the next 4 days and if I haven't got anything planned on my next days off, which will be the 29th and 30th of this month.

Well my graphs are below, the 1st one is today's hands and the 2nd one is overall for the past 3 days, well I hope you all enjoy reading here and I'll hopefully have an update during the next 4 days but if not I'll defiantly be back on the grind on my next days off.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, 23 September 2013

A Ok Day

A OK Day


(1,840 Hands $7.60 Profit)

Well today wasn't a good day as far as volume was concerned I play a few hundred hands this morning and finished off the day playing a few more hands after a couple pints at my local pub which is never a good idea but I didn't play too badly and managed to bag a winning day which is always good after a few bad sessions the last few times I've played.

I lost a big pot at the end of the session which is why I cut it shorter than planned I was hoping to play at least 2,000 hands today but I was feeling worn out earlier so decided against a long grind this morning and went back to sleep, and then going to the pub and coming back didn't make me feel any more awake so it wasn't a good for the grind but oh well, I have got tomorrow to grind a few more thousand hands then it's back to work for 4 days so won't play much if at all during my days at work.

So I am aiming for at minimum 2,000 hands tomorrow so that I can clock 10,000 hands over my 3 days off which means I'll get a minimum of 40,000 hands per month whilst at work,

My Study group got a little bit bigger today with the addition of 4 new members who are grinding the NL10-NL25 tables, hopefully these players will be able to teach me some new skill sets and I can keep growing as a poker player.

I am still looking for any books or such to read and I will hopefully find someone to go through a few of my HH's with me soon to see if they can spot any leaks in my play, consequently improving my game and winning more money.

Here's today's graph

A Bit Swingy

Sunday, 22 September 2013

How bad can I run (22-09-13)

How Bad Can I Run


(5,833 Hands -$18.90 Profit)

Hello too all my readers, this was my 1st session in around 4 days as I had started a new job last week with long hours and not enough sleep so didn't play at all, and I started my grind with a really bad day, I wasn't playing my A game and kept paying people off when I felt like I was behind, my TPTKs kept running into over pairs, my AA kept getting cracked, my sets were beaten by higher sets and I lost my focus towards the middle of the day, but regained my focus and concentration and went for the rebuild back to Break Even (B/E) however I fell quite a bit short on the tables with an overall loss of $18.90 but I did manage to clear a $10 VIP Bonus so ended the day with a loss of $8.90 which I was happy about after being nearly $30 down at one stage.

So as soon as I began to fold my hands which I knew I was behind in I started too lose less, which lead to me winning more when I had the best hand, however some hands just didn't want to go my way, which happens to all of us in this game sometimes. It was as if the poker gods took a dislike to me today, but I will grind through it and carry on and progress as fast as I can.

I also missed out on a Sunday Storm Ticket which I would of sold for $10.80 by 1 place I busted out 3rd in the 235 VPP 6 max hyper turbo satellite but these will come and go and I will be saving my VPPs for the next one I can afford and hope for a ticket next time.

My final topic for the day is books, I have read "Crushing The Micro's" and a couple other E-Books but I am looking for some new ones to read that will help me improve my game, so if any of you have any reccomendations I'll gladly take a look at what you think I should read.

And to end the post will be my not so sexy graph

Under EV much!